How do I search by tags on the iOS app? How to filter out tasks?

Here's how you can find the filter option in Swipes

Press on the small circle button next to the 'add' button. You'll then get a menu with an easy access to settings, search, tag & filter and multi-select.

To filter by tag, select the filter button > choose a tag and press it. All other tasks will be hidden. You'll only see the tasks related to the selected tag across all areas - schedule, focus (middle), completed.


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    Kam Chan

    Hi, I'm using the IOS version. When I used the filter, it only showed the tasks in the area I was in when I launched the filter. E.g. If the screen was showing my scheduled tasks when I launched the filter, it'd only show the scheduled tasks in that category. Likewise, if the screen was showing my current tasks when I started the filter, it'd only show the current tasks in that category. Is it possible for the app to show BOTH current and scheduled tasks that meet the filtering criteria? Thanks.

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    Hi, I have exactly the same issue. Thx for fixing it.

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    Sierra Frischknecht

    This is a very complicated process to filter. I have completely different sets of tasklists and they rarely overlap. Could there be a "view" so when I go into the app I can easily switch between lists by category? (I loved this feature of Anydo but it had other weaknesses).

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