What can I use notes for?

Notes are incredibly flexible and you can use them to share information, collaborate on an idea, set requirements, make plans, write marketing content etc.

You can also use notes to align your team. Here are a few of the most popular use cases:

  • Set requirements - If you are planning a marketing campaign, creating a new design or working with a client, leave a note with specifications for your team;
  • Collaborate on content - If you are writing a blog post, a client proposal or an internal memo, create a note and invite a colleague to help you fill in the right info;
  • Create a checklist - If you need a list of items to be updated, bugs to be fixed or clients to be contacted, create the breakdown list in a note and share with the team;
  • Share research findings - If you've been researching a new market opportunity, a sales account or a creative direction, share your findings from the notes;
  • Set agenda for an office event - If you are planning a team building, a company retreat or an annual meeting, use the notes to set the agenda;



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