Who can see the Goals and Plans?

At the moment all Goals and Plans are visible to the whole team.

Later on, we are planning on introducing a permission layers that will allow the team admins to manage visibility on who sees which goals and which plans.

However, the information is always by default visible to everyone on the team as we believe that through transparency, people will gain:

  • a better understanding of each other's work
  • insights and ideas from teammates with a different set of skills, who were not necessarily a part of the goal or plan but stumbled upon it while searching for other information
  • more empathy towards the efforts of everyone working on the goal and the plan
  • a sense of belonging to the team and the company dedicated to the vision, because everyone can see how their steps add up to the big team goals
  • a sense of responsibility and accountability because one's commitments are no longer invisible and hidden in private messages and emails

Because of all of these benefits of a transparent way of working in the team, in the Swipes Workspace, a person part of a goal always has a full access to all the information within the goal (steps, attachment, activity).

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