How to manage a Plan in the Swipes Workspace?

Plans are the big projects and achievements for the team. These are the things you plan to achieve by a certain date, they are time-consuming, complicated, with a lot of moving parts and different people working together.

Plans are the 'Why' justification for the day-to-day effort of the team. They are tight to a business achievement - winning a new client/contract, releasing a new product/update, finishing off a client project, getting to a quantifiable improvement for the business. These are the plans you set on a monthly or a quarterly basis.

  • For product teams, plans could be sprints that improve eg. user engagement, website conversions etc.
  • For sales teams, a milestone could be an increase in quarterly revenue.
  • For marketing teams, plans could be an increase in campaign conversion, planning a company conference etc.
  • For operators and HRs teams, a milestone could be a decrease in employee turnover and an increase in employee satisfaction.

In the Swipes Workspace, you can group goals to a milestone to visualize for the team where you are headed and how everyone's work is adding up to the important things in the company. The plans unite people cross-functionally. A product team could be working on a single goal related to a new feature but together with the marketing team, they get to coordinate efforts for the release to hit the company milestone.

You can manage plans from the 'Plan' card in the workspace. You can start new plan, close plans to complete them, add goals and organize the work of the team around this effort.

Plans are grouped goals so each achievement of a goal adds up to the progress on the plan and it is visualized nicely.




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