What is the difference between a goal and a task?

A goal is a bigger achievement - something that you don't just check off the list. It is usually a longer time commitment to deliver some work and different people get involved in the process.

A goal is achieved by completing the steps in it, which are a sequence of actions (steps are more like tasks). You go through step 1, 2, 3. For example:

1. deliver your work

2. write notesreview

3. review workget

4. get feedbackmake

5. make a redo on some of the deliveriesask

6. ask for an approval and move the work ahead

You can work individually on a goal to make it easier for yourself to know the process of getting this big thing done, as well as documenting it for the team. However, goals are most typically things where 2 or more teammates work on to achieve together.

If you are running a bakery, a goal is 'order supplies' of which a step could be 'call the vendors to negotiate a deal'. Step-by-step goal management is quite a different mindset from other task managers for teams out there but this is really the key to giving everyone clarity over their next action and enabling people to see how their part of the work adds up to the big team efforts.

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