Why break goals into steps?

Surely, for some things, it is much easier to write the name of the commitment and check it off as completed once you are done. These are usually, things you do on a regular basis and you know exactly how to go about them or things that are smaller as a commitment and writing down steps will be an unnecessary effort.

But when it comes down to team productivity, documenting things well, working together and passing on information to one another is crucial.

Breaking down a goal into steps helps you bring clarity to yourself and the team on How to achieve something. It is the few minutes you spent on thinking about the steps in the process that will save you tons of time and effort on:

  • aligning everybody later on
  • keeping people accountable for their part of the work
  • enhancing the feeling of working towards a shared goal, rather than executing single small tasks with no visibility to their importance

Working in this highly collaborative way, transformed teamwork in our company.

Things like, send me these & that icons, are typical tasks send on chat and email from colleagues. And they feel like time-wasters that take away your attention from something important you could have been doing. But you have to do them to help out someone. You don't necessarily know why they are asking for them.

Now, imagine the same scenario in the Swipes Workspace. A goal is outlined eg. Updating the website. There are 5 steps to get it done: set requirements, write the copy, make a mockup, make the design and implement changes.

  1. set requirements
  2. write the copy
  3. make a mockup
  4. make the design
  5. implement changes

This is something the designers, developers, and marketers on your team are working on. Suddenly, if you get pulled to work on this goal with a request to send a set of icons, this becomes a real priority for you. You are part of a common goal, you can see how your commitment will help the team move forward and at the end, when the work is done, you will feel part of the achievement.


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