What can I use the notes for?

Notes are a key piece in the Swipes Workspace. They enable you to easily create content with your team and align expectations.

We, at Swipes, are a small company that does product development, design, branding, marketing, operations and accounting on our own. We use the notes in various ways:

We use the notes in various ways:

  • To create a checklist with a plan of small things that need to be done
  • To collaborate with a teammate on a blog post, website copy etc. (Did you know that notes are collaborative? Read more about it here.)
  • To leave a goal description or a set requirements for the execution of a step/ goal
  • To handoff messages from clients or other types of content to the team
  • To note improvement ideas down and then brainstorm which ones to work on




What are your ways of using notes in your team? We'd be happy to hear about other situations when notes are useful to your team.

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