How to unite the work of your team?

Explore the mindset behind working on milestones & goals

Milestones - Keep eyes on the price. Create milestones to make progress on long-term projects visible.

Goals - Move work faster. Create goals to focus team efforts and make progress on your milestones.




Learn how to focus your teamwork on goals

Goals - A goal is a bigger achievement - something that you don't just check off the list. It is usually a longer time commitment to deliver some work and different people get involved in the process.

Steps - A goal is achieved by completing the steps in it, which are a sequence of actions (steps are more like tasks). The team goes through step 1, 2, 3... to achieve a goal.

Notes - Easily capture your thoughts and ideas as you work on a goal.

Attachments - Deliver your work for feedback or share knowledge & ideas relevant to the goal. Attach links to a file folder, a website etc. See how everything opens in the context of your work so you don't have to jump around and lose focus.




See how you can talk to the team & get relevant feedback

Ask for/ Notify - Send quick messages to your team to ask for feedback or simply notify them of changes.

Notifications - Writing a message is very helpful to pass on your progress to the teammates that are working on a goal next.




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