How to unite the work of your team?

Explore the mindset behind working on plans & goals

Plans - Keep eyes on the price. Create plans for every project, ongoing activity or area of your business. This will make it easier to see what everyone is making progress towards.



Learn how to focus your teamwork on goals

Goals - A goal is a bigger achievement - something that you don't just check off the list. It is usually a longer time commitment to deliver some work and different people get involved in the process.

Steps - A goal is achieved by completing the steps in it, which are a sequence of actions (steps are more like tasks). The team goes through step 1, 2, 3... to achieve a goal.

Notes - Easily capture your thoughts and ideas as you work on a goal.

Attachments - Deliver your work for feedback or share knowledge & ideas relevant to the goal. Attach links to a file folder, a website etc. See how everything opens in the context of your work so you don't have to jump around and lose focus.



See how you can talk to the team & get relevant feedback

DiscussHave productive conversations that stay on topic. It’s easy to discuss plans, exchange feedback or make company announcements. Discussions are neatly kept in threads making it easy to follow new comments at your own speed.

Notifications - Know what’s the important, without knowing it all. The Workspace carefully filters through the buzz and will only buzz you when it’s related to you.



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