2. Intro to Swipes with Evernote

VIDEO guide on how to benefit from a powerful workflow with Swipes - Evernote. Click on the image to watch the video or use this link. If you cannot watch the video, read the transcript of it here.

The Mindset Behind The Integration:

We made a powerful integration to the note-taking software of Evernote to help people quickly collect all their tasks from notes into one place where they can manage them.

If let's say, you’re sitting in an important meeting, writing down your notes, some of those notes will represent tasks and things you want to follow up on. Keeping those plans in the note, makes it hard for you to remember completing them and putting them in the relation to all your other commitments. If you have hundreds of notes, it becomes especially hard to remember where and which tasks did you write.

How The Integration Works:

By integrating Swipes with Evernote, we automatically turn your note into a task in Swipes where you can schedule, complete and prioritise it just like all your other tasks.

Further on, all your checkmarks from the note are pulled out as action steps in the Swipes task showing you what is the next thing you need to start on. This is how checkmarks from Evernote look like:

This is how they look like as tasks in Swipes mobile iOS app and web app:

Swipes with Evernote gives you the possibility to turn the information you’ve collected in your notes into an actionable plan of what needs to be done and where to start from.

Using Swipes with Evernote for GTD:

Swipes with Evernote is also a powerful tool for GTD allowing you to keep your reference system (Evernote) and your action system (Swipes) connected and organised but not mixed and overlapped.

How To Get Started:

We have prepared for you an extensive guide on how to integrate your Swipes with Evernote (1) and how to sync notes & checkmarks as tasks (2).

For more info check out the guides under Section> Evernote


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  • Avatar
    Clark Wilson

    The link to the video has a space (%20) at the beginning. This makes the link not work. https://%20www.youtube.com/watch?v=swXIT1xRAtM

  • Avatar
    Roxie Coeling

    Is there going to be integration with Evernote in Android or via web app soon? i-stuff is all that shows on the evernote app page.

  • Avatar
    Yana Vlatchkova

    Hi Roxie, have you tried the BETA with the EN integration on Android? We launched it in the beginning of the month and are still testing it. It will be very smooth. :)

  • Avatar
    Yana Vlatchkova

    Clark, I fixed the link. Thanks! We now made an explanatory video with a guide on how to make most out of the Swipes-Evernote workflow. You can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVQ8W_flGOw

  • Avatar
    Klaus Stockamp

    Hi, one question, please: what happens, if, after the note has been taken into actions, the note is added with some more checkmarks in the Evernote app? Do these new checkmarks appear in Swipes? - or, to be more specific, WHEN do they appear?
    I run out-of-sync these days by using that workflow. I want to continue to work with Evernote on a particular note, adding new checkmarks there and want to see them all in The corresponding action.
    Does this work? Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Yana Vlatchkova

    Hi Klaus, the note turns into a task and as long as this task is active (meaning it is not completed in Swipes) we continue saving the info from EN to it. Thus all your new checkmarks will appear as new action steps. Hope this is working as expected for you, if not please let me know in the support email so we can look into it.

  • Avatar
    Zachary Palmer

    So... I've been using Swipes all of two days (love it so far). Getting things set up and I'm impressed. I still have a few questions on integration with Evernote.

    I can create "To Do" lists in Evernote and tag them with swipes to Sync with my Swipes App. However, when I add a task via the Swipe App - does it sync back to my Evernote App? Also, when I remove or complete a task in Swipe - will it remove in my Evernote App?

  • Avatar
    Caryn Coleman

    I don't use swipes yet, I use Evernote, but not for lists. What's the best way to get started using them together starting from paper lists? (Mac, iPhone, PC, iPhone, iPad)