When do I receive a notification for a task if I snooze it with one of the scheduler options?

By default : ‘Later today’ schedules a task for 3h ahead of the current time; ‘This evening’ schedules a task for 7 pm on the same day; ‘Tomorrow’ schedules a task for 9 am on the next morning, as well as the option the ‘Day after tomorrow’; ‘This weekend’ schedules a task for 10 am on the upcoming Saturday; ‘Next week’ schedules a task for 9 am on the upcoming Monday; Unspecified tasks are not scheduled and you do not receive reminders for them. All notification are received on the mobile app.!

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    Nigel Brownjohn

    What is the logic behind snoozing everything to the same time? This simply causes you to have to manually open them and set an explicit time anyway. Far more useful would be able to define a default interval between tasks so that the first snooze would take it to the times you default for This Evening, Tomorrow, Weekend, etc - and then each task snoozed after that is incremented by the requested default time; e.g. 7.00pm, 7.30pm, 8.00pm.