Can I change the default snooze options?

Yes, you can tweak the snooze options from Settings > Snoozes. Works both on the mobile and on the web.

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    Michael Beattie

    Hi, I've been looking for an app with Evernote integration to manage my tasks, preferably one that's fairly compatible with the GTD system. I explored many, many different apps, but they all had interfaces that required multiple clicks for each task, drilling down to submenus. When I tried Swipes, I was thrilled by its streamlined, convenient interface. I started moving my task lists into Swipes, and I was very psyched.

    Here's the thing.

    Swipes encourages the user to schedule all their tasks. Now, if one could schedule to fuzzier/looser times, this would be perfect. But Swipes, for reasons I cannot fathom, insists on specific times. So here were a couple of experiences I had on my second workday of using it. First, I had a dozen or so small tasks I was planing to get to tomorrow. If I had full control over my categories, I would assign these to a fluid category: "Next." That way, when I was finished with my current tasks -- whenever that would be -- I would move those "next" tasks into the "Do now" list. However, it turns out my supervisor needed me to work on something else for a couple days. This means I have to reassign all of those tasks I had for tomorrow to a different date/time. And if something else comes up, or if I have a sick day, or my cat does, etc., then I will have to reschedule them yet again. The advantage of an electronic task system over a paper calendar is that, if you list 30 things you want to do this week on paper, and you don't get to 10 of them by the end of the week, whereas the paper version requires you to re-write them in the next week pages, an electronic one does not. And the swipe interface would be perfect for this. But by tying all tasks to specific date/times, Swipes effectively returns us to the constraints of paper scheduling. No fluidity.

    So, when I put "get groceries" on my task list, I have to pick a time. Ok, fine, I'll put it for 5:00, since I'll go straight after work. I link the task to my grocery list in Evernote, and after work I check the task list. But it's not where I left it. Swipes, in its infinite wisdom, has relocated the task to my unscheduled task list (even though it's still today, and I haven't checked it off) because, well, it's 5:30 now, and I scheduled it for 5:00. Okay, fine, I go to the other list, but…WHY? When you have a list of things you want to do after work and an app decides to remove it because you've assigned a specific time for no other reason than that the app itself MAKES you assign a specific time, well….let's just say it's kind of annoying.

    The reality -- as in life, as in REALITY -- is that we all have lots of things we want to do "this morning" or "today" or "after work" or "soon" that we don't know an exact time for. By forcing the user to cram their tasks into such rigid boxes, Swipes is not only relinquishing much of its usefulness, it is also making one's entire schedule less useful by lumping the tasks you could do at 10:00 or at 7:00, tomorrow or the day after of the day after, together with the hard-and-fast appointments that truly are connected with a specific date and time (like your doctor's appointment).

    I think your app is GREAT, but that it kind of shoots itself in the foot by allowing no room for fluidity. A to-do list that makes you schedule every task, then reschedule every one of them over and over again every time life intervenes is weighing down its wonderfully clean, simple interface with pointless and tangled complication. It's really frustrating! I'm taking the time to write this because I really, really, really want to be able to use this app, but I'm not sure that that's realistic if it's to be so wedded to pinning every task to a date/time. So I thought I'd ask, rather than just bailing, whether you guys might happen to be considering adding some more fluid time categories we could swipe our tasks to (such as soon, or next or tonight) without pinning them to specific times. For that matter, the best case scenario would be simply to have users define their own snooze categories - all they'd be really would be named lists.

    Is there any possibility Swipes might unshackle us a little, for scheduling our tasks?

    Thanks so much for reading. I appreciate the patience.


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    Neil Brown

    Couldn't agree more with what Michael said. Should be able to push to a future date without having to specify a time.