I can't find the Evernote integration on the web app. Why?

The Evernote integration in the Swipes app is triggered by the mobile app. At the moment, we've integrated Swipes in the iOS products, as well as the Android app. We'll be working also on an integration directly via the web app.

If you're only a Swipes web app user, at the moment you won't be able to benefit from the connection between Swipes and Evernote. If you have a smartphone on iOS or Android, download the Swipes app and link it to your Evernote via the settings.

Here's a screenshot of how to enable the integration on mobile.

Now that you've enabled it, here are the three ways to import notes from Evernote as tasks in Swipes to-do app.

Once you've imported your notes with checkmarks into Swipes, you'll be able to see them and manage them also via the web app. Your mobile Swipes app can be just the enabling function for the integration and from the web app on your desktop, you can manage all the changes in tasks - complete, schedule, edit or delete. 

Here's a screenshot of how the Evernote tasks appear on Swipes mobile app and Swipes web app.


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    Justin Reed

    Yana, the user was asking about evernote integration on the web app, not in the android app. Will there be plans for EN integration for the web app?

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    Again, this response is for Android integration. I think the user, like myself, is looking for information on web integration. I have to create a task, then find the note on my phone to utilize the Evernote integration feature. Not user friendly in the least.


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    Clark Wilson

    What Justin/William Reed said is right, the question is about the web app. A perhaps useful detail: Just now I sync'd the Swipes app on my phone and the missing, recently synchronized-from-Evernote task appeared here in the web app. So perhaps one need not find the task on the phone, but merely sync Swipes on the phone. (I am using the Android Swipes app.)

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    Yana Vlatchkova

    Hi guys, I've now updated the article and made a whole guide on how to use Swipes with Evernote. I've included screenshots on how to trigger the integration via a mobile app and manage the tasks on the web app.

    For the future, we will look into ways to bring the Evernote integration directly on the web app for those of you who use only it.

    Hope all this info helps. Let me know if anything is missing and you'd like me to add it.

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    Please do Evernote desktop integration as soon as possible. Desktops are main Evernote plataform for users with a high volume notes. Mobile apps, in this case, are only an output pataform. To manage a high data volume, we really need desktop integration. Web, standalone app, or browser extension.
    Think anything like this: Swipes = Evernote integration, Wunderlist features, Sunrise design. Would be great!

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    Naomi Etheridge

    Thanks Yana. Very clear.

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    Caryn Coleman

    Aha - I think that the lack of Evernote desktop integration means Swipes is a no go for me. Quite hard to tell, but I think so. I will stay tuned if I can remember to and hope you get the integration (or hope it becomes clearer that you do if you do already :D)