I want to create specific lists/folders of tasks. How do I do that?

At Swipes we do not support lists and folders. We believe they create clutter and make the important tasks disappear in the noise of all the other tasks. Instead of lists and folders, we have built a powerful tagging system.

Here’s how to use it: Tag your tasks according to a context (work, project, home etc.).
Then pull down on the menu bar and click on the tag icon to search by tags. Choose a tag and in seconds you'll get a list curated from only the relevant tasks. In this way you can work with a full focus on one area at a time.

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    Terry Norton

    Was pulling down on the menu bar disabled on the iPhone. Try as I may, the menu bar can't be pulled down.

    I can get to the tags by pressing the 3 dots in the lower right of the screen, but swiping down sure would be easier, wouldn't it?