How can I select all tasks and manage them at once?

With version 2.1.2 of Swipes and earlier ones you can tap on the different tasks in your lists and multi-select them. In this way you can manage them all at once - assign them tags, snooze them, complete them or delete them.

With version 2.2.2 and later, you can multi-select tasks through the selection option. You can find it by pressing 'action button' which is next to the 'add button', and then  click on this option:


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    Nigel Brownjohn

    The above functionality does not appear to be in the Web interface. Given the range of available interfaces now, would it make sense to categorize these's KB articles as to which platform(s) they are relevant to?

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    Yana Vlatchkova

    Hi Nigel, that's a good point! We're catching up on the knowledge base and updating it as we go. On the web app you can currently multi-select task by just clicking on them once with the mouse.

    We'll be updating the web app and making it more intuitive in the next month.

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    Nicola Guerriero

    On Android app after selection I can only delete or assign tag, but I can't snooze that is the more useful when you have to postpone some tasks for an urgent one