Am I paying something for Swipes?

No. Swipes is free and we want to make it into the best platform for personal productivity that can positively affect millions of people.

We are growing the power of the platform and later on we will introduce a package of power features for $5/month that adds value to the power users of Swipes. Our plans are to include customizable recurring tasks, location based reminders, powerful workspaces options, task dependencies etc. We'll run a survey among the users about the most preferred features. If you want to take part and give us your feedback, email us at with your suggestions.

In Dec, 2013 we tested out a premium version of Swipes - Swipes Plus for $1/month or $10/ year which was closed down again in June 2014. We made all features available to everybody and we will look for the right value-proposition of a paid subscription in the future.

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    Michael Potter

    Please include me in the survey you send in the future. I like your plans to charge users (sustainable apps are the goal) and would share my input on premium rates so that Swipes can be competitive in this space.