I'm not receiving notifications. What could be the problem?

To make sure that you have turned ‘ON’ the notifications on Swipes, click on the Settings of the app (top left on the main menu) > Notifications. Then select which notifications you want to receive from Swipes. If you still do not receive notifications, check if you have allowed the Swipes app to send you notifications in the Settings of your phone > ‘Notification Center’.

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    Erik van Rossum

    The app doesn't show up in de app-list when I open the notification setting on my iphone. That's strange because I enabled notifications in he app. What can be wrong?

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    Hello ! I don't get any task notification on my Android 4.1.1 phone although I unabled the notifications in the preferences, which unfortunetaly makes the app quite useless... Any idea on what might be wrong ? Does the e-mail address from the Swipes account have to be the same than the one from the Google account ?