How do I use Swipes with Evernote?

Swipes turns your information from Evernote into an action plan of the things you need to do. Here's the full guide on how to use the integration and make most out of it.

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    Terry Norton

    I have integration with Gmail and Evernote. Works darn good.

    When a note comes in from Gmail, I can press the "attached" link and the original email will be presented in the Gmail app.

    When a note comes in from Evernote, the checkmark feedback to Evernote works great, however, when I press the "attacked" link, the Evernote app appears on screen, but the originating note is never presented. Is this supposed show the note in Evernote, like it does in Gmail?

    There's usually more info in the "attached" note than what appears in Swipes. Getting back to it from Swipes seems like it should since it switches to Evernote.

    I've tried both way of getting a note in. 1) adding the swipes tag to a note, and 2) attaching it from within Swipes. Neither way will show the note in Evernote.