How do I add and delete tags?

You can add new tags already when you are entering a new task by pressing the '+' button next to the already existing tags.

Another option to add new tags and also delete old tags is to enter the edit section of a task. Here is how it goes - tap on a task to open it > choose the option ‘Set tags’. You will then enter in the tag menu from where you can manage tags in general (delete and add them) and not only task specific.

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    Brett Whistler

    Is there a way to sync my Evernote tags?

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    Yana Vlatchkova

    Hey Brett, we don't sync the EN tags yet. However, a few users have wished for it and we're having it in our idea board. Stay tuned for more news around it. :)

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    Romona Khan

    Using the web app, can I add tags when adding tasks using hashtags? I have tried it, and it lists the task with the tag, but the tag doesn't show up in the tag list, and it disappears from the task when refreshed.

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    Please add Evernote tag support. I can batch tag in Evernote when I'm organizing or planning. Batch tagging in swipes would be great too.

    Thanks for this great app!