How to reorder a subtask / action step in Swipes iOS app?

To change the order of your action step, hold down on it and wait until it becomes detached from the list. Then drag & drop it to its new position.

Each action step can be moved up and down in the list of action steps. However it cannot break out of it and become an independent tasks. We'll work on such a functionality for the future updates. At the moment, if you need to mark an action step as a task you'll have to copy its title and paste it into the "Add a new task" field.

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    Ginny Brailsford

    Please allow tasks to break out and become independent tasks as all my Evernote checkboxes have transferred under one single task in Swipes.

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    Jeroen de Kort

    What I think would be strong feature is That The subtask description Will be automatically adder to The main task description. This Should be The top unfinished task. The next step in Your project following GTD.

    Syntax 'project / next step'