How to sync notes / tasks from Evernote into Swipes to-do app

Look into this articles on how to connect your Swipes app with Evernote:

Once your Swipes app and Evernote are connected you can sync notes into the task manager in a few ways:

1. Automatically via Evernote

a) Choose a note that you want to turn into a task in Swipes (the title of the note in Evernote will be added as a title of the Swipes task).

b) Tag the note with 'swipes' and sync your Evernote. If the note contains checkmarks, they will be fetched and added as action steps/ subtask to the Swipes task. 

c) Open your Swipes app, sync it and you'll see the new task added from Evernote among the list of all your other tasks.

The task can be snoozed/ scheduled, deleted, edited and completed. However, this does not affect your Evernote note in any way. The changes that we sync back to Evernote are related to the checkmarks /action steps. Any changes you make to them in Swipes or Evernote will be recorded in the both places. Eg. If you complete an action step in Swipes, you'll see the checkbox in Evernote being ticked off. 

Action steps can only be completed or deleted from Swipes. They cannot be scheduled or transformed into separate tasks. We'll work on such functions in the future.

2. Manually via Importer

a) Go to Swipes' settings > Integrations > Open Importer

b) The importer will open a preview list with all your Evernote notes with checkmarks. Tap on the note you want to sync as a task. Open it. Swipes will then sync the change and export the note as a task in Swipes.

3. Manually via Attaching a Note (sync checkmarks only)

a) Open your Swipes app. Tap on a task to open it.

b) Press on the Evernote logo (the small elephant) in the top right corner on the task menu.

c) You'll be shown a list of all your notes in Evernote that include checkmarks. Choose the note you want to sync. If it contains checkmarks, they will be synced and added as action steps to your Swipes task.

Here's a screenshot of how to enable the three options of syncing notes from Evernote into the Swipes to-do app.


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    Tom Ashworth

    Ok my evernotes that I tag and then checkmark take a while to arrive in Swipes. How long should they take to arrive in Swipes ?

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    John G

    I tagged 50 task items when I first started, it took over a day for them to show up in Swipes. After, I tried tagging just one note and it still took a day to sync to swipes.
    I use the Android app for Swipes.

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    Jeff Gallo

    I haven't had this experience yet, impatiently I went to manual importer. I'll look for the 1-day delay.

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    The lag time after tagging something in Evernote is a bit frustrating. I tagged two items this morning around 8am and it is now past 1pm and they have still not shown up in Swipes...

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    iGraphic Visuals

    I can also confirm that tagging an existing Evernote note with swipes does not make it appear in Swipes.

    However, when I make a new Evernote note with checkboxes, and add the swipes tag, it will appear in Swipes after the first sync, in other words, immediately.

    Since I just started using Swipes yesterday, I actually haven't been successful in getting an existing Evernote note, with checkboxes, to appear in Swipes by just adding the 'swipes' tag to it, yet.

    iOS 8, iPhone 5
    OSX 10.10.3 iMac

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    iGraphic Visuals

    I have done some more testing.

    On an existing Evernote note, I added checkboxes to some already existing lines of text, AND added the swipes tag.

    Didn't appear in Swipes.

    When I started a new line in the note, with a checkbox, the note then appears in Swipes immediately.

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    iGraphic Visuals

    Follow up:

    It's been well over 24 hours since I attached the 'swipes' tag to an Evernote note that already contained checkboxes. Still not in Swipes. This part of the feature just isn't functioning properly yet.

    There is good news on some of the other things I saw initially. Adding checkboxes to existing notes, AND adding the 'swipes' tag, does bring the notes over to Swipe. When I first tried this it wasn't working, but it seems to be working fine now. I'm thinking that since this modifies the note, Swipes sees this.

    New notes added to Evernote, with the 'swipe' tag, come into Swipes 100% of the time.

    I absolutely love how Workspaces (tags) works for organized tasks.

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    I installed swipes in my iPad 2 and Samsung S3 mini yesterday. I am running swipes in the web and trying to connect to Evernote and I have found several issues:
    1) in the web app, I don't see a Interconnect button, so I can't connect swipes to my Evernote account.
    2) I have been able to interconnect swipes in my iPad with Evernote. In evernote I have 300 notes tagged with swipes, but in swipes in the iPad I only see 200 tasks.
    3) In the web app and the S3 mini, I only see one of those tasks.

    I would appreciate some help. Thanks a lot.

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    Terry Norton

    @ fjsant

    #1 To my understanding, the web app currently just mimics the status of your mobile device. This means the syncing and linking happens on your mobile device, then the web app can present the result of what took place.

    Then when you make changes on the web app, your mobile device picks picks of these changes and links back to Evernote.

    Since Swipes is relatively new, more capabilities will be added, and bugs fixed.

    #2 I noted my issues I had getting EN notes into Swipes just above your comment. (I changed from iGraphic Visuals. Couldn't change that profile, so I created a new one.)

    I couldn't get existing notes with checkboxes to appear in Swipes by simple adding the swipes tag. I actually had to modify the note AND add the swipes tag. I'm betting that nit will be fixed soon.

    #3 I only have an iOS device (iPhone), so I'm no help.

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    Thank you, Terry. I thought the web (cloud) was the master and all devices synced with it. I just re-visited my phone's setting and went through an introduction screen I didn't see before, that ended with a "Get Started" button. I pressed it and tasks started syncing in my phone. I will see how the web app reacts. Thanks a lot for your help.