4. Intro to Workspaces

The powerful tag & filter function in Swipes is called 'Workspaces', here's how you can enable it.

The mindset behind Workspaces

We call the tag & filter feature in Swipes - 'Workspaces' and it allows you to work with a full focus on one area at a time. This feature also eliminates the clutter of long lists of tasks and allows you to quickly sort things out.

Click on the picture below to watch our quick guide on how to make most out of the workspaces feature.


Video transcript

Productivity is simply put - getting things done, but in it's essence it's the ability to focus. And I really mean to hit the flow, wire in, space out or however you prefer to call it. That delicious state of mind where you are completely absorbed by the one thing you are doing. Workspaces helps you achieve exactly that.
The Workspaces functionality in Swipes is really simple - you see only the tasks relevant to the context you are in. So say that you are writing your next blog post. You only need to see the tasks and actions relevant to your current work - articles you need to research, preparing the article cover etc. You can enter a Workspace by selecting the relevant tag - for example “write” and all tasks across Swipes will show tag related tasks. You can return to the rest of your tasks by clearing the workspace.
And when you want to add a new task, it already has the right tags that match your workspace. 
It’s everything that you need to help you focus on the most important.
Stay productive.
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    Could you be bothered to explain how this works on the Android version? I don't see this stuff there. I still don't know how to access workspaces.

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    Nigel Brownjohn

    When you add a task using the + button in the bottom right, you will see the a + above the "Add a new task" text. You could mistake this for being a clue you are adding, but in fact if you click this, you'll be able to add a tag (if you have any existing ones they are displayed up there by the +).

    If you edit an existing task, you'll see Set Tags as an option.

    As far as I can tell there is no way to add Tags at the time you add a new entry in the Web interface ...

    Hope this helps.

    Swipes - as noted elsewhere you either need to be consistent in your UI (would be best) or document the differences.