Transcript of video - The Power of Swipes with Evernote

Evernote is an amazing tool to collect and organize your knowledge. But the real power of knowledge is the ability to take action on it. And Swipes helps you achieve exactly that.
Evernote has checkmarks and they are good if you want to jot down a handful of things to remember. But as soon as you have your checkmarks spread in across different notes and notebooks it gets harder. You outgrow the capacity to keep an overview of priorities and due dates. It simply becomes a task on it’s own. That’s where the integration with Swipes comes in. After you authorize the app you can import all your notes with checkmarks into Swipes and you are good to go. Your note titles are now tasks and your checkmarks listed on a timeline. Whenever you want a note with checkmarks to go into your Swipes all you need to do is add the “swipes” tag to the note.
The best thing about the integration is that it works both ways. You swipe to complete an action step in Swipes and it gets checked off in your Evernote and vice versa.
Take most out of your knowledge within Evernote by making it actionable.
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