Trancription of Video: Plan your day with Swipes


Hi, how are you? I am Stefan and I am the Chief Creative at Swipes.
I wanted to give you an overview of how to use Swipes and how it can help you achieve more in your day.

The whole idea is that you don’t end up with a long list of tasks that you will be stressing about. When I plan my day I start from the bottom up. [Scrolling through a long list of tasks in Swipes] I take all the unimportant tasks and I either snooze them for later today or I put them for tomorrow. [Showing the scheduler option in Swipes that pops-up when you swipe a task to the left] If I want to select a specific time, I simply hold on one of the icons and the time-picker appears. In this way all tasks I swipe for later, come back at the right time, so I can focus on the most important thing now. And if I want to see what is coming up later, I will go to the scheduler icon and I'll browse through all my tasks.

I hope this video was helpful. But if you have more questions, check our knowledge base on

Stay productive and keep swiping!

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