Transcription of Video: How to Focus Better. Snooze & Schedule Tasks


Piling tasks into lists is easy and tempting. You organize them. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment, but at the end of the day you end up with exactly that - just a feel and a long lists of tasks that you never complete. But Swipes changes this.
Swipes is designed for one thing - action. The moment you enter a tasks you need to take a decision. Is this something important that I will do now or later? Everything that's not urgent can be swiped to the left and scheduled for later. So say you are sitting in the office and working on a new creative project, you don't need to get constantly reminded that you need to do the laundry today, so you snooze it for later. The scheduler is like a speed dialer giving you quick snoozing options like Later Today, Tomorrow or Next Week, just to mention a few. But it’s a lot more then what it appears on the surface. You can get specific with dates and time. And simply by holding on one of the icons the Time Picker will appear. In no time you will be left only with your top priority for the day.
When the right time comes your scheduled tasks will return to you. No need to worry, before you actually have to work on them.
Swipes is all about taking action on the right things at the right time. So snooze the errands for later, focus on your priority now and enjoy your productive day.
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