iOS Share Extension

The iOS Share Extension of Swipes allows you to collect tasks from any content on the web. All you need to do is to share a content of choice via the Swipes extension and we will add it as a task in your list with a link back to the original content. Available for Swipes version 2.3 and after, and for iOS 8.3.

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    Paul Bibbings

    @swipesapp just keeps getting better and better! I'm sure I will be able to find many productive uses for this extension. It's practical, effective and - as ever - aesthetically pleasing. The Swipes team are just on a roll at the moment.

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    iGraphic Visuals

    Well, the extension works great, mostly. I found a bug.

    During the sharing process, there's the option to add a tag. While in the tag screen, I select the tag and press Add Task in the upper right corner. The tag does NOT get added to the task.

    However, if I instead select the tag, then press the back arrow, then Add Task, the tag is assigned in Swipes.